LoveHER: The 3 R’s: Refocus, Reinforce & Reboot


Delicately purposed for the nation’s Black women; brown girls, black girls; light-skinned, brown-skinned, and dark-skinned:

Many of us have set goals for the year 2016. Whether it was to lose weight, eat healthy, budget finances, pursue a degree, seek guided counseling; whatever change you wanted to experience this year was on your mind. Some of us may be doing great with our goals and others may be experiencing roadblocks. As I have wondered and I’m sure others can relate, how can I refocus, reinforce, and reboot my goals?

Refocus your goals. This simply means adjusting your priorities. For example, one of my goals for 2016 was to manage my calendar more effectively. I am realizing that it is not so much of me writing down everything in my planner, it’s more about prioritizing. Refocusing your priorities better shape how you will attain your goals that you have set. A great way for me to prioritize and still meet my goal of managing my calendar more effectively is labeling my priorities for each day. You can label, color code, and or only write down what your priorities are. I believe acknowledging your priorities will allow room for things that happen in the spur of the moment.

Reinforce your enthusiasm. Just because you have not been on track to reach your goals thus far or if you are and you feel you are losing momentum, take some time to not only refocus but to strengthen your enthusiasm. You may feel all over the place as if you have no direction but the support and encouraging words of friends or family may help you realize that it’s only January, there are eleven more months in 2016!

Reboot your game plan. In order to reach your goals, you should have a timeline of objectives. Objectives allow you to measure your progress in attaining your goals. If you are in a similar situation that resembles mine, I am definitely off track with my timeline. It’s nothing wrong with being off track because things happen! The best way to keep your enthusiasm in reaching your goals is to reboot the plan. This may mean adjusting your timeline to reflect when you have refocused priorities, reinforced enthusiasm and are ready to reboot.

January is almost over and you still have eleven more months to blossom in 2016. Just remember to Refocus, Reinforce, and Reboot to reach your goals!





LoveHER: The 3 R’s: Refocus, Reinforce & Reboot

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