LoveHER: Stay Healthy During the Holidays!

Delicately purposed for the nation’s Black women; brown girls, black girls; light-skinned, brown-skinned, and dark-skinned:

 It’s the time of the year when families, friends, colleagues, and loved ones gather around to enjoy food, laughter, and thankfulness. You can’t wait to eat grandma’s sweet potato pie, auntie’s ham, your favorite cousin’s macaroni and cheese, and whatever else comes from the kitchen that smells and looks oh so good!

However, remember to eat reasonably over the holidays! It is known that many traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas foods are high in carbohydrates: mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and others. Truth is – we have to consider our diets and what places us at greater risk for the health conditions that ultimately disproportionately affect our community.

November was Diabetes Awareness Month, but I would like to share some tips that always apply for staying healthy on the road and at holiday gatherings with friends and family. You don’t have to give up all of your holiday favorites if you make healthy choices and limit portion sizes!

Healthy Holiday Tips

  • Eat a healthy snack before the main course to avoid overeating.
  • Try a healthier version of your favorite dish. There are so many recipes that are healthy and tasty!
  • Enjoy your holiday favorites but watch out for the heavy hitters such as honey glazed ham and turkey smothered in gravy! Maybe do without the gravy and choose skinless turkey.
  • Watch out for side dishes loaded with butter, sour cream, cheese, or mayonnaise.
  • Drink in moderation! Maybe one glass of wine is enough for one gathering.
  • Don’t forget to get some physical activity going! Offer to help clean up after a meal to get you moving around.
  • Most importantly, remember to take your medications for any chronic conditions you may have.



P.S. Be selective, eat reasonable portions, eat your veggies, and be healthy for the holidays!

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LoveHER: Stay Healthy During the Holidays!

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