Emotional Well Being In Relationships

Where would society be if there were no laws?

We all understand the necessity of having laws as a means of maintaining order. With nearly 8 billion people on this planet, it is difficult for me to understand why so many people will allow one individual to ruin and to devastate them emotionally. It is possible to engage relationships in a way that does not devastate oneself. In order to do so, I suggest that you develop your own or adopt these emotional laws as means of governing yourself while engaging others.


  1.  As an emotional being, there are maintenance requirements that must not be neglected in order to maintain my emotional well being. I must understand those requirements, and not make any excuse for not performing that maintenance.  ( alone time, book reading, workouts, silent sorting, etc….)
  2. It is never someone else’s responsibility to make me happy.
  3. I have the right to interpret events in life in ways that favor me.
  4. I will only spend today’s emotional energy on today.
  5. Love and forgiveness are my only options, they are my freedom.
  6. I give no one authority to harass me with their opinions of me.
  7. I refuse to allow thoughts that could only destroy me to live in my head.
  8. No human has the right to control my emotions.
  9. I am not an emotional hoarder, therefore I choose to let stuff go.
  10. Passion is intense emotion aimed at something worthwhile, I will be passionate, and I refuse to be petty.

Where there are no laws, anarchy rules, so it is imperative to our own emotional sense of well being to have something governing our emotions as we engage others, and allow them access to our hearts.


Dr. Mark T. Jones Sr.

It is well, with my soul.

Emotional Well Being In Relationships

7 thoughts on “Emotional Well Being In Relationships

  1. Although there are about 8 billion people in this world and we are all responsible for a fraction through our purpose. we must manage our own emotions before we take charge with any population. With purpose comes people and with people comes emotion. Therefore we need to be in tact or someone else’s emotions will make us ride that roller coaster.

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  2. Kennetha Carter says:

    I’ve learned not to leave my emotions in no one else’s care. I’ve learned it’s important to do an emotional check on one’s self. And lastly other people opinion or option to love me or not is on them. But one thing I know for sure to know me is to love me. Emotions managed #101

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